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Catalyzing Innovations For Making In India

Catalyzing Innovations for Making in India.
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Promoting translation of research into socially beneficial technologies.
01 About Us


Whereas post independence the “Commanding Heights” imperative created robust industrial infrastructure in India, “Liberalization, Globalization & Privatization” thrust just before the turn of the century unleashed tremendous entrepreneurial energies and created private sector organizations that captured national consciousness and turned India into an aspirational society. What appeared to be missing was an ecosystem that would enable and empower the common Indian for the task of nation building so that the nation rises to occupy its rightful place in the global league. After all a nation that put forth the philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakum” has to evolve to provide an exemplary leadership for other nations to follow. One aspect of such a nation building task is to create a participatory ecosystem for empowering not only the bright and the competent but also the common and the marginalized to create wealth through nimble high value start ups utilizing frugal resources that would bring about the much needed vibrancy in the national economy and prosperity and inclusiveness in the society. Incube Ventures is one such endeavour that would create such a participatory ecosystem.
02 About Company

Incube Ventures
Private Limited

The incorporation of Incube Ventures Private Limited (Incube Ventures), a venture capital firm based in Ahmedabad, was triggered in August 2010 by the question "What can we give back to society?" The Group Vision - Vibrant Startups driven Indian economy The Mission - Promote, Incubate and Invest for creation of a nurturing startup ecosystem The Group Ecosystem - Incube Ventures comprises the following organizations that make up the evolving participatory ecosystem.


Shri Mani Iyer
Shri Rajendra Joshi
Smt Prema Iyer
03 Core Activities Core Activities Incube Ventures core activities focus on Below Points.
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We are always happy to hear you at Incube Ventures's Main Ofiice O/102 Nandanvan 5, Near Preranatirth Derasar, Jodhpur Char Rasta, Ahmedabad